About us


From left to right: Aimée Lefnaer, Angelika Lefnaer, Björn Gunnar Lefnaer

Leader on the world market with a clever idea.

In the early 1950s, company founder Otto Lefnaer, who held a Master's degree in engineering, had a revolutionary idea: A closure system that is quick and uncomplicated to use but also provides an enormous amount of stability. The Blitzbinder® was invented.

In 1953 the company Württembergische Allplastik GmbH® was founded in Stuttgart by Otto Lefnaer. Angelika Lefnaer, the senior partner, and Björn Gunnar Lefnaer, the founder's son, joined the company in the years that followed. Today Björn Gunnar Lefnaer and his sister Aimée Lefnaer, supported by the senior partner, manage the successful family company and are continuing its development.

Sales in North America

By establishing the Allplastik U.S. representative office in downtown Chicago, USA in 2006, we strengthened our presence and commitment to the North American market.


Detectable Cable Ties Innovation

In 2012 we developed our detectable Blitzbinder® quick fasteners. The range of products complies with FDA and EUR 10/2011 requirements and is produced using an innovative mix of materials that allows them to be detected, for instance in the food processing and pharmaceutical industry.

Between 1953 and 2015 more than three billion quick fasteners were produced. Today Allplastik's German-made products can be found worldwide.

Quality connects.

Allplastik is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and provides high-quality raw materials, high-quality products, fast product availability and reliable delivery. The company is also known for its short delivery times and high level of flexibility when it comes to accommodating its customers' individual requests.

Allplastik Blitzbinder® quick fasteners are made of polyethylene and feature a special closure which, combined with a round profile, guarantees maximum strength and reliable closing, yet can also be opened again.

The detectable Allplastik Blitzbinder® quick fasteners are based on high-quality plastic to which a metallic filler has been added. These metallic elements ensure that the binders can be identified by detectors so that even the smallest fragments of this product can be located. (Compliant with FDA requirements, directive 2000/72/EC and Ordnance (EU) No. 10/2011.)

Allplastik Kabelbinder® cable ties are made out of high-quality polyamide 6.6 and feature a patented diaphragm closure, which prevents reopening, even if subjected to high tensile strength.